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Doug Rattmann colour by arystar Doug Rattmann colour :iconarystar:arystar 198 76 Portal: Ha In Your Face by forte-girl7 Portal: Ha In Your Face :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 2,408 376 Meme's meme by zelda-lover Meme's meme :iconzelda-lover:zelda-lover 91 53 P2 - Hey Lady, Lady by SpinningStarshine P2 - Hey Lady, Lady :iconspinningstarshine:SpinningStarshine 374 10 I accidently drew a picture. by TastesLikeAnya I accidently drew a picture. :icontasteslikeanya:TastesLikeAnya 1,584 193 Portal 2 - Wheatley study by mmishee Portal 2 - Wheatley study :iconmmishee:mmishee 1,244 267 TENACITY by mikoneyoru TENACITY :iconmikoneyoru:mikoneyoru 282 20
Portal 2- Spacosity- Separated
A/N- please note that this fic contains the Space and Curiosity spheres as humanoids ><
Yes. It's Spacosity. Sue me.

Light orange eyes surveyed the night sky, their gaze stopping briefly on the full moon before moving to the stars beside it.
The young woman had never been this quiet before. She could never recall a moment whereupon she hadn't been asking a question, or finding something new around her completely exciting. She had been designed with the sole purpose of being curious after all, there was no particular reason for her to not ask questions before. Everything had interested her. Especially that lady from the tests. The one GlaDOS had been so afraid of.
When the lady had dropped her into the fire pit, she had managed to avoid falling into the burning fires and had landed on a platform instead, hurting her legs in the process. The heat of the fire had not particularly concerned her at the time. She remembered she had been designed, like all the others, to withstand temp
:iconfayethebookwolf:FayetheBookWolf 60 45
Portal 2- Spacosity- Reunion
A/N- This is a sequel to 'Separated'. I suggest reading that before you read this.
"It's kinda sad really" Rick stated, his voice uncharacteristically quiet. His arms were folded tightly over his chest, and a frown was fixed upon his face.
"Fact: She is going to die alone, as she will never stop waiting for him" The pink haired core known as Fact drawled, adjusting his glasses. Rick's emerald eyes narrowed in sudden annoyance as the statement, and he pointed threateningly at Fact.
"Oh shut up, you four eyed loser" he growled. "Stop spoutin' trash like that!"
Fact glared back at him, a defiant glint in his eyes, and he stood up a little straighter, pushing Rick's hand away from his face without missing a beat.
"Fact: The fact core is ALWAYS right" he snapped, his tone icy.
"Zip your lip pinkie, or I'm gonna come over there and pull your underwear so far up your butt, your clones will feel it!"
The only female of the group watched them silently, her orange eyes skipping to each
:iconfayethebookwolf:FayetheBookWolf 34 55
His Way pt. 2
So she had finally reached him.
Wheatley wasn't sure whether he should be impressed by the woman's stubbornness or just forgo the flowery words that call it was it was: stupid and moronic. He had given her fair warning -even offered a completely almost-nearly-painless death option; but she didn't listen. Of course  she never listened, she hadn't listened to him before, why would she start then?
Her shallow stubbornness would only get her so far, though. She was running around his lair like a little trapped, gaudy jump-suit-wearing, rat and was inhaling neurotoxin by the mouthful. If she didn't die from the bombs or the conversion gel she had splashed all over the place than she would die the much, much more painful death from the toxins. He was giving her the easy way out by offering to blow her up; she was the one who decided that it would be a grand idea to try and take Wheatley down like he had Her. The difference between the two of them
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 40 28
His Way
Nothing ever went right for Wheatley; noooooo. Why would anything ever go right for him? Maybe this "God" person enjoyed watching the personality core try so hard only to fail horribly. If "God" was anything like humans Wheatley wouldn't doubt it. Humans were selfish, greedy, uncaring, horrible things whose only real achievement was building the facility and the machines that ran it. Obviously they couldn't run the entire facility on their own, that was why they made Her.
The core snorted, a lot of good She did running the place-taken down by a bloody human of all things! Now, Wheatley knew that human, that selfish, insensitive, arrogant human that took Her down, and honestly he wasn't impressed with her anymore. What could this little girl-this "Chell"—do to him? He was in control of everything, anything he wanted he could have. For once he had succeeded in something, the euphoria of the feeling made him want to pull "God" from his pedestal and laugh right in his fa
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 41 13
SPOILER - Stole by inkandstardust SPOILER - Stole :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 462 23 SPOILER - Bigger on the Inside by inkandstardust SPOILER - Bigger on the Inside :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 288 25



United States
Sorry for the meme spam. I'm drawing stuff I promise.
EDERP: Forgot to say, stolen from :iconmusickitty-1415:

() I am considered a minor.
( X) I am over 18.
( ) I am under 13.
() I am in between the ages of 13 and 18.
(\) I wish I was older.
(\ ) I wish I was younger.
( ) I like my age. (I'm kind of wishing I was anything but my age at this point…)
(\) I know how to drive. (Restricted license count?
( ) I drink/smoke and I'm underage.

My Appearance:
() I have brown hair.
(X) I have blond hair.
( ) I have black hair.
( ) I have red hair.
() I have an unnatural hair color.
(X) I've dyed my hair before. (food coloring works so well but it makes a mess)
() I've gotten highlights/lowlights before.
() I have curly hair.
(X) I have straight hair.
() I have wavy hair.
() I have frizzy hair.
() I straighten my hair every day.
( ) I have brown eyes.
( X) I have blue eyes.
( ) I have grey eyes.   
() I have hazel eyes.
() I have green eyes.
( ) My eyes change colors.
( ) I use color contacts.
() I have glasses.
() I use regular contacts.
( ) I got laser eye surgery.
() I am under 5'4. (5'2)
( ) I'm under 5 feet.
(X ) I'm over 5'4.
( ) I am over 6 feet tall. (Nearly)
() I love my height.
() I hate my height.
(X) I am happy with the size I am. (Tall and skinny, although I look like I'm like 15)
() I wish I was skinnier.
( ) I wish I could gain some weight.
() I am trying to lose weight.
( ) I have gone on fad diets before.
( ) I have taken diet pills and laxatives.
( X) My shoe size is above a 9. (Most of the time I think? Depends on the shoe)
( ) My shoe size is under a 5.
(X) My shoe size is normal. (No I have freakishly small shoes for the size of my feet. I mean really.)
( ) It's hard for me to find shoes that fit.

() I shop at stores like Abercrombie, Holllister, and American Eagle.
() I've shopped at Hot Topic.
( ) I shop at stores like PacSun and Zumies. (I've not even heard of these…)
( ) I shop at stores like Bloomingdales and Saks.
() I shop at stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.
(X) I shop at Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart. (Why is Goodwill not an option? Goodwill is awesome.)
(X) I love shopping.
() I hate shopping, and still wear stuff from five years ago.
( ) I own a designer purse.
( ) I love those oversized tote bags.
(X) I despise skinny jeans. (On guys. BLUH that is the worst kind of hipster.)
() I wear high-waisted jeans.
( ) Mary-Kate Olsen is definitely my style icon.
( ) Shoes are my life.
() I live in my converses.
( ) I love Uggs!
(X) I absolutely cannot stand flip flops.
( ) I get my nails done every week.
( ) I wear perfume.
( ) I hate pedicures.
( ) I wear false eyelashes.
( ) I wear a lot of makeup.
(X) I don't wear any makeup.
( ) I love Burt's Bees.
( ) I wear a ton of eyeliner.
( ) I wear lipstick.
( ) I wear lipliner.
(X) I feel uncomfortable when wearing mini skirts.
( ) High heels are sexy.
(\ ) I cannot walk in high heels. (I'm still learning)
( ) I love wedges.  
(X) I live in my jeans.
( ) My dog is my favorite accessory.
( ) I prefer granny panties.
( ) I buy all my bras from Victoria's Secret.
( ) I love Victoria's Secret's PINK line.

( ) I am in elementary school.
( ) I am in middle school.
(X) I am in high school.
( X) I am in college.
( ) I am a high school dropout.
(X ) I am homeschooled. (No I'm not explaining these)
( ) I've graduated.
() I go to a private school.
( ) I go to a Catholic school.
( ) I go to a public school.
(X ) I am in Honors classes.
( ) I want to get into an Ivy League college.
( ) My favorite class is English.
(X ) I hate science.
( ) I hate English.
(\ ) I love math. (Math's okay)
( ) I am currently failing one or more of my classes.
( ) My teachers are horrible, and I have no clue why they were hired.
(X) I love my teachers.
() I want to graduate now!
( ) I wish I could stay in high school forever.
( ) I am/was in band or orchestra.
() I am/was in choir.
( ) I'm in a lot of clubs.
() I play a ton of school sports.
( ) I'm on a Varsity or JV team.
(\ ) I'm in all the school plays. (I would be, but by school I mean homeschool and by I would be I mean I would but college and highschool is in the way)
( ) I can hardly wait to go to college.

My Friends:
() I have a best friend.
() I have more than one best friend.
(X) I have a lot of acquaintances.
(X ) I don't have any friends. (FOREVER ALONE) (not really I'm just too awkward to talk to people I like)
() My friends are crazy, but I love them.
( ) My friends and I do a ton of stuff together.
( ) I have a lot of guy friends.
( ) I have had the same best friend for years.
( ) My best friends change like I change my underwear.
( ) My friends and I get into a lot of fights.

The Opposite Sex (or Same Sex):
( ) I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
(X) I'm single.
( ) I hook up frequently.
( X) I've never had a boyfriend.
( ) I'm gay.
( ) I'm bi.
( ) I'm lesbian.
( ) I'm pansexual.
( ) I'm boy-crazy.
( ) I've dated my friend's ex.
(X) I've never been kissed.
( ) I've had an abortion before.
( ) I was pregnant in high school.
(X) I'm saving myself until I'm married.
() I'm just waiting for the right guy/girl to have sex with.
( ) I lost my virginity under the age of 13. (okay I know this happens but what)
(X) I love tall guys.
(X) I would date someone shorter than me.
(\) I focus more on looking for a guy/girl with a good personality than a really hot guy/girl. (My consciousness says yes but my unconsciousness "he's cute get married right now")
( ) I love guys/girls with blue eyes.
( ) Facial hair is sexy on some boys.
( ) Guys with piercings and tattoos are amazing.
( ) I love preppy guys.
() I love the nerds.
( ) I would date someone in the army.

(X) My parents are married.
( ) My parents are divorced.
( ) My parents are living together, but aren't married.
(X) I love my parents.
( ) I hate my parents.
( ) I love my parents, but they annoy me a lot.
() My parents are so embarrassing!
() My parents are really strict.
( ) My parents let me do whatever I want.
() I tell everything to my parents.
( ) I don't tell anything to my parents.
(X) I tell some things to my parents. (I mentioned at some point that I don't talk to people, right?)
() I have a brother.
(X) I have a sister.  (Three of 'em. Do they count as best friends? Because they're awesome)
(X) I am the oldest in the family.
( ) I'm in the middle.
( ) I'm the youngest in the family.
(X) I have a brother or sister in college.
() I babysit my brother or sister all the time.
(X) I love my grandparents.
(X) One or more of my great grandparents are alive.
(X) I've been to a family reunion before. (This is a bi-annual thing. My dad has 10 siblings. Things get crazy)

Other Stuff:
(\) I'm a grammar nazi. (I tend to use proper grammar/punctuation/capitalization in most places, even IMs and stuff, but I don't care if other people type more casually.) (But if you mix up "your" and "you're" I will eat you alive)
() I love erasers. (What?)
( ) Chocolate is sex.
( ) I'm pro choice.  
(X) I'm pro life.
( ) I'm a Democrat.
( ) I'm a Republican.
( \) I don't know what I am. (Does "I don't care" count?)
( ) I love Bush. (Wow this is old XD)
(X) I check my email every day.
( ) I use MSN.
( ) I love Facebook. (DESPISE)
() I hate people that TYPE LiiKE THiiS 0r Th!$ oR tHiSsSsS.  (ii don't 2ee anythiing wrong wiith thii2)
() I love Chinese food.



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